Living in an atomic power plant

The nuclear power station in Zwentendorf is the only one in Austria and it has never been active. Building costs swallowed billions of Schillings before citizens were asked to vote about atomic power in Austria. The public said: NO! So we have this wonderful building in lower Austria as memorial of danger. Or something else, I don't know.
However, for this performance donhofer. installed a living room in the reactor hall of the atomic power plant, in which he was eating, drinking, living. Behind the living room there was, instead of the nuclear fuel rod, a large flag (about 6 meters) which was painted in the colors of Austria: red – white – red. On the flag donhofer. painted the most cruel dictators of all time. The audience outside could watch donhofer. performing inside via large video projection which was screened along the building's wall. Journalists and politicians were invited to a press conference, where donhofer. appeared bound in power cables.

NFT Kunstwerk
Video: 0:38 min | 2012
1,22 ETH | Kaufen


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