It´s all water under the bridge.

donhofer. lives down the burgtheater-scandal. The audience of the famous viennese Burgtheater was really surprised, when donhofer. and his crew jumped out of a transporter and begann to unroll 9 square meters of grass in front of the main entrances of the theater. Now politicans and the Theater-Holding Gmbh can relax again - once again, they got away with it. Austrian taxpayers will pay the ridiculous damage of 12 mio. euros.
Austrian Television ORF/ZIB24
Performance one week earlier:  "We got away with it" - Burgtheater Vienna
donhofer. pastes over sign in front of the "Burg"
Artist donhofer. pokes fun at the Holding. "Wir sind noch einmal davon gekommen - von Bundestheater-Holding GmbH", was written on big black sheets, which he pasted on the sign in front of the Burgtheater. After a few minutes, employees of the "Burg" removed donhofers. statement, and the big theatermachine is continuing it´s deadly process.
donhofer. lässt Gras über den Burgtheater-Skandal wachsen
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Video: 0:52min | 2014
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